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Chatroomsforfree org

For concreteness, we suggest the use of standard 7-bit ASCII embedded in an 8 bit byte whose high order bit is always 0.This leads to the standard code given on the attached page, copies from USAS X3, 4- 1968.Such a sequence is referred to as "text." STX may be used to terminate a sequence of characters started by SOH.ETX (End of Text): A communication control character used to terminate a sequence of characters started with STX and transmitted as an entity.

ACK (Acknowledge): A communication control character transmitted by a receiver as an affirmative response to a sender.Dafür müssen Politik, Wirtschaft und Bürgergesellschaft ihre Kräfte bündeln.Deshalb engagieren wir uns in Deutschland und Europa aktiv für den politischen sowie fachlichen Dialog und erarbeiten Lösungsansätze für Wohnen, Stadt- und Raumentwicklung.EOT (End of Transmission): A communication control character used to indicate the conclusion of a transmission, which may have contained one or more texts and any associated headings.ENQ (Enquiry): A communication control character used in data communication systems as a request for a response from a remote station.

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(CC) Communication Control: A functional character intended to control or facilitate transmission of information over communication networks.

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