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It's normal to have some muscle aches and stiffness a day or two after working out muscles you haven't used in a while, but if you start to feel sick or overly tired, you could be training too hard.

Following a training plan (like a Couch to 5K program) or working with a personal trainer can help you make sure you're progressing at a reasonable pace.

For exercise, it's probably more like six weeks, says Rebecca Woll, manager of personal training at Equinox in New York City.

Even if you've never met them in person, following your fitness idols on Facebook, working out to their DVDs or reading their advice in magazines can all be powerful motivators to follow their examples."Being accountable with money is a good thing," says Holland, "If you invest in a fitness regimen, you're more likely to work harder to get your money's worth." (He's learned that when he gives away training sessions for free, his clients aren't nearly as motivated.) If you can afford it, joining an upscale gym or splurging on boutique fitness classes could be just the thing you need to force yourself to actually go.

For some people, the feel-good side effects of exercise are enough to keep them going.

Others need something a little more tangible to get themselves up and out of bed every morning.

"I think that's why groups like Cross Fit and Weight Watchers are so successful," says Holland.

"It shows the value of the support system, which should be an integral part of any workout plan." Your exercise club could be an entire gym full of people, a regular fitness class where everyone knows your name, or just one exercise buddy who makes sure you're out of bed to meet her for your morning walks. Start a fitness or weight-loss contest with your friends or coworkers, suggests Woll.

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